New Inspiration

Hello, my sweets!

I hope yall are having a wonderful week! I actually found myself in a rut,  Being hard on myself over things I have no control of.  I had to sit back, take a breath & reevaluate things.  I've been having a bit of an artistic blockage & decided to look at things from a new perspective.  I began thinking of things & people who brought me so much joy at one point or another; Old music, friends, & family who are no longer with us. Being Dios de Los Muertos,  I sit & remember loved ones who have gone on to better places this past year. There have been many good times & loving memories.  I found myself distracted in these thoughts while practicing my guitar & instantly found myself playing some wonderful tunes.

  I've written them down & have begun messing with melodies.  It's just funny I was trying so hard, & nothing. I had to get lost in my own thoughts & honestly,  that's usually how I do it anyways.  I just get caught up w the mundane of everyday life, I forget. 

Again, I hope yall have a wonderful week- I miss yall terribly ❤

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster 


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