A few changes

Hello, my sweets!

  I hope everyone is well.  There's been a lot happening the past few days, personally,  & well, everywhere really. 

  I had fallen a couple weeks ago & still am pretty banged up, but the doc discovered I'm severely anemic, so I'm really have to take it easy, & I have.  & if you know anything about me you know how impatient I can be, ESPECIALLY with myself...lol.   So , I've been practicing loads & also started my side venture,  my little jewelry business Wide Eyed Siren Jewelry. Yes it's the same title as my album but I think it's fitting as both are part of a new direction in my life. I'll give yall deets as soon as I'm done with the etsy shop.

  ALSO, due to current climate w the pandemic,  sadly we had to cancel the Sirens of Rock Festival.   My friend was so sad but we understood its for everyone's safety.  Sadly,  it's not just this festival,  it's already happening all over the country.  The Carolina Indie Fest is still on at this point in September & I'll keep you posted- I want everyone to be safe so I can see your faces. 

  I miss you guys terribly,  I was hoping for "normalcy" this fall season, i think we all were- but we gotta do what we gotta do I guess.

  Until next time- be careful & be kind to each other, & know I can't wait to see yall as soon as possible 

Mad love to all of you ❤


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