Hello, my sweets!!

 So, on Saturday July 31st, i will be having an album release party. I'm still working on a few odds & ends but Oak Hills Tavern (SATX)  has agreed to let me invade their space for the evening.  They have a wonderful atmosphere & loads of great drinks & eats you'll wanna hit up. There will be live music from North Avenue,  myself,  & Fox Motel & I am super stoked for the live music!! 🥰

  Now, this is a FREE SHOW- but I'm having merch & cds made 'cause I wanna make a big deal about it.  I'm also still debating on design & how much of each thing to get, 'cause I want to get it right!! Lol-

  I know its gonna be fun & you should just tell everyone you know & bring them all because you're awesome. 🥰

Mad love, guys!! ❤

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