Hello, my sweets!!

I hope y'all are doing well- I myself have been trying get back to basics. Most of the music industry is shutting down for the fall sadly- & many shows & concerts are being canceled all over the place. I've been trying to figure how best to stay out here & keep grinding whilst staying safe (because my health issues are still a factor *sigh*). So I was thinking possibly doing a weekly livestream- which platform? I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to figure out is more reliable right now. 

  In the meantime I've also started back with some music theory & sheet music to brush up on some rusty skills & tweak some bad habits I have- I really want to be a better songwriter- mostly for you guys. I'd hate for yall to show up to a gig & say, "meh" I may be overthinking but you know me!! 😆

  I miss all of you terribly-  &can't wait to see your faces. 

Mad love ❤