Looking ahead

Hello, my sweets!

  So, I've been in a challenging state the past few days. I've been extremely hard on myself for past choices I have made that have led me to where I'm at now. How would life be different? Would I be be in a better position?  How many opportunities/ experiences have I missed? 

  I'm not saying I would have changed a whole lot- especially these past few years. I've met the most wonderful people & honestly life was a bit different than I've expected.  However,  I still have to think of what I need from my future.  All I want is music-& I can't get enough of it right now, so much so I've started putting in the effort to brush up on older instruments & strengthening the ones I play currently.  No one's stopping me but me & I have to stop making excuses.  As soon as I'm able I want to present a performance that's more deserving of your attention. I have a long way to go yet. 

& don't worry- im still gonna write you some wonderfully feisty songs😘

Mad love-


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