Carrie Asher is your favorite feisty folkster from San Antonio, Texas.  As a singer-songwriter,  her music is a bunch of fun, hopeless romanticism filled with some sass & spunk.
  This last year, she was signed with Indie On Air Records & doing what she can to keep pushing forward.  Carrie loves to perform for almost any audience. In many instances, has opened for some of the heaviest rock & punk bands (such as KRASHKARMA or U.S. BOMBS) & she always holds her own.  She keeps her performances lively & always has the audience's attention either with her powerful vocals or by  injecting some short stories between songs- she's certainly not shy. 
  Her musical tastes are all over the map & it has highly influenced her writing.  People have said that her music sounds as if Bad Religion & Toad the Wet Sprocket wrote some music together & had Natalie Merchant sing the vocals. 

 Carrie loves to get lost in her art & very much wants the listener to do the same since she absolutely adores music.