Feeling stuck

Hello, my sweets!

  I've been keeping up with some of my theory trainings- I still have a LOOOOONG way to go...lol.  I get distracted when I accidentally play something wrong & I like the way it sounds so I try to start writing something new with it. Oh me- I'm ridiculous 🤪

  I find myself also needing to pull away from social media a bit. I really feel like I'm wasting more time than actually getting good work in.  Idk, I also feel like I'm getting too much overload from it & it's clogging my brain w things I'd  be totally fine without.  I think I'm just being hard on myself to be the best version of me for my music & art- I feel you deserve nothing less. I feel a bit stuck & im working on getting loosening the tack.

I miss all of you terribly ❤

Your Favorite Feisty Folkster 

    - Carrie 

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