Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello, my Sweets!!

  Sorry for such long times in between blogs, I've been busy doing things behind the scenes & life is just a bit crazy, ya know? Anyways, I've been doing some practicing & a bit of writing.  I've also been busy looking for places & festivals for the upcoming year ('cause it's never too early!) & since my poor little indie label that I was signed with didn't survive thru the pandemic, I very much almost have to start from square one.  I have to be the artist, as well as promoter, booking agent, marketer, producer, networking, (so many other small jobs) & etc... But you know what? I'm OK with it.  I just have to keep pushing & work a little harder is all, I still have big ideas that are just singing from my soul that I cannot silence, so I'm not!!

  I'm also still very much working on a new little series for my YouTube channel, it's the practicing that I need just a bit more of. Oh, & a bit of gear I'm working with to make sure it sounds alright.

  In between all this, i am still a small business owner & have been getting ready for markets, holidays, & just because.  I keep loading my website www.WideEyedSirenJewelry.com updated with new items. Go check it out!

  Also!! I have a performance next weekend, 2 actually, if y'all are in the SATX area & want to check it out. I'll put the flyers up here in just a bit.  So make plans to come & hang with me, I'll love you forever.

  Take care, my sweets, I cannot wait to see y'all soon.

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster,


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