A Bit of Reflection & Rest

  Hello, my sweets!!

  I am super sorry about how infrequent this little blog has been.  I've been,  I don't know,  not just wanting to jabber too much I guess. But!!!

  Yesterday was my birthday, & I've been doing a little reflecting on what's been going on with life.  The past year I‘ve been struggling with a few health issues, and being the highly impatient person that I am, i thought I could just suck it up & muster through w/o having any draw backs.  Welp, the last few shows I had played, it got a little scary for me, because I  was just not physically able to be playing hours at a time. I did it, but I had to really take some time off.  It’s been tough, like, I cannot even explain how tough because music is my soul. To not have it part of what I do daily has just been the worst, self pity party and all.

  So!!  I've finally been feeling a little better and trying really hard to get my health to where it needs to be.  I'm finally able to go walking trails (w/o getting vertigo) if I'm out to long & its been wonderful.  I'm hoping to be comfortable enough to do shows by the end of the year, both physically & musically. i want to be able to perform and not be scared if I'm physically going to make it through the evening.  

  In the meantime, I've also been working on jewelry side project for some sort of creative outlet.  It's been helpful, but even that's been a little tough. This summer heat wave in south Texas makes it hard to do outdoor ANYTHING, so I've been keeping busy just creating. If you want to check out my other site it's www.WideEyedSirenJewelry.com  #SupportSmallBusiness

  Lastly, I am looking to start booking for fall & the holidays. I'm back to square one (almost) so if ya feel like listening to a little feisty folkster, let me know, it'll be greatly appreciated. & I'll keep ya posted as to where I'm at, even if it takes a minute for me to get there. 

 As Always, I wish ya'll all the Love & Happiness in the world.

Mad Love from your Favorite Feisty Folkster-


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