New Trip Around the Sun

Hello, my sweets!

  I hope y'all are doing well.  So, in case you didn't know, I had a birthday last week, & many thanks to all those that sent well wishes. I was able to have a great lunch with loved ones & watched a movie that evening.  I also began reflecting on all the things going on in my life & life in general.  Not quite the whole "what does it all mean ?" thing, but more of appreciation for my life as it is.  I've had many ups & downs, massive amounts of hurdles & road blocks than i could really care for, & swore someone was hexing me at one 

  But what I've concluded was this; it all had to happen. It all had to happen for me to muster up the courage to make the choices I needed to get where I'm at now. It all had to happen in order for me to gain proper perspective of my environment to really determine that some choices (as painful as they may have been) were absolutely necessary for steps toward happiness. Would I have changed some things? I mean, definitely maybe?  Am I ok with things now? Absolutely.  I have had the good fortune of pursuing music, maybe not quite the way I imagined but I'm happy with it & all the opportunities it has afforded me. I get to be a small business owner, though its a lot of hard work & time, I get to do it.  I have the greatest family & loved ones that I adore with all my heart. I get the best opportunities to meet people because that's one of my favorite things to do. Do I want more? Well, that seems to be human nature, you'll always want a bit more, more money, new house, new car, new clothes, etc.  

  But am I happy with my life now? As I begin this new trip around the sun, I find that I am. I am content with my happy little life & the people in it. I may have had a rough go of things at times, but I am eternally grateful for where I'm at now. All my love & gratitude to you guys. I can't wait to see you soon.

Love Your Favorite Feisty Folkster-


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