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changing focus 

  Hello, my sweets!

I hope all is well with you shining souls. This past Sunday was Father's day & I hope you got to celebrate with or honor the memories of your dads. It was al little tough for me this year but getting together with family really helped.

  I've been trying to change things up a bit for myself.  As I've been practicing music, I've been really focusing on the performance aspect of the music. I'll be honest, I don't think I've done so in the past. I mean, I DO practice the music so I'm not fumbling on stage (although I giggle about it if i fudge a little), but I don't know, I feel like i can still do better & give more of myself performance wise. Now, don't think I'm gonna get all crazy & have some sort of 5 minute flying finger solo, 'cause nope, I don't want to be full of an ego either (plus I need LOADS more practice hours for, but I want to really have people FEEL the songs, if that makes sense. I'd like to evoke the emotions I'm feeling through the audience. I don't know, I've always felt those kinds of shows, ANY shows, that could do that were always the most memorable & fun.

  Well, My next show is Friday, July !st With my Friends from LOADED (& many more!!) at The Starlighter in SATX. Show starts @8 & I'm super excited for all the talent that's performing that evening. I'll keep y'all posted with more things soon.

  I'm sending the biggest hugs to you guys & wishing you all the love in the world.

Love, Your Favorite Feisty Folkster


Trying Times 

 Hello, My Sweets!!

  I hope y'all are doing well, at least as best as you can be. The craziness of all the things going on in the current climate is frustrating & disheartening. Perhaps that's why I lose myself in writing & in music. I adore writing about love & hope, & wish that for everyone. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire some sweet soul one day.

  My apologies for being so quiet lately. I've had loads on my mind already & the sad events going on seemed almost soul crushing. I'm slowly coming out of it & working on small things.  I'm in serious thought on starting a weekly series on Youtube. Would anyone watch it?

  Oh! I almost forgot!!  If anyone is in the SATX area, Friday June 10th, I have a show with some of San Antonio's fabulous bands for my dear friend, Herb Rockman's Birthday Bash. He is a wonderful soul, has his own shop called Herb's Hut, where he supports loads of locals w/ their merch & music, as well as loads of music memorabilia. Go give him a visit & swing by the show for support!!

  As always, i miss your faces terribly & i cannot wait to see yall.

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster-


Busy, busy 

Hello, my sweets!!

  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I actually had set up my small jewelry biz, Wide Eyed Siren Jewelry, @ the King William's Fair here in SATX on Saturday- WE HAD A BLAST!!  I'm also working on setting up a new website for it to hit a wider audience, trying to hit up others markets & shows, & take special orders when i can. 

  PLUS!!! I'm also still very much working on applications for festivals, shows & hitting up smaller venues where I can.  Unfortunately, it's very much a waiting game on my end; & ya can't inquire about it 'cause they'll pass over you if you do, ('cause some people pester) so i waits. I'm also looking into smaller towns & their venues (its a LOT of homework).  It's been tough shaking off the last 2 year funk to get back into the grind, but I'm here for it! 

  On a very personal note; i miss my dad dearly. We all do. I see so many little things where he just shines on through- birds chirping, flowers blooming. I know he still in all the things, but i still really miss him. So if I don't respond to texts/ email/ calls, I just may need some time.

  Hug your loved ones, your friends, your pets, family, everyone. & when i see your faces, you'll get ya hug from me.

i hope to see ya soon & i'll keep posting some updates-

  Mad Love from your Favorite Feisty Folkster,



Hello my sweets! 

  So the past few days I've been in deep thoughts about all things- life, family, music, art,  jewelry making,  etc.  It's so hard to balance things in life for so many people & I'm no exception.   I do have a lot going on & yet I feel like I'm not doing enough. I get so frustrated with myself & have to calm myself down, remember I'm not supposed to be stressed about things I love , but dang it if my brain just doesn't love to be in hyper   

  My show went really well this past weekend.  The audience was great & receptive. I even had a few tell me how they missed the live music, don't we all? 🥰  I'm still working on shows & festivals for upcoming months,  it's just the waiting for replies that's driving my mind wild. Just gotta breathe & think happy thoughts & know it will all fall into place. 

  Anyway,  I truly hope you all are well.  Hug your loved ones & be grateful for all the moments.  Go out & enjoy a show together- maybe even mine. 🥰

Mad love to you all-

Love, your favorite feisty folkster 

-carrie ❤

Sending Love ❤️  

Hello my sweets-

  Sorry I've been so quiet.  On March 7th, the greatest man in the universe, my dad, passed away.  He was in good health so it was completely unexpected.  As you can imagine,  it's been a trying time for me & my whole entire family.  He was a great man. He enjoyed life, & I mean really enjoyed it, took adventures with my mom all the time, had loads of silly moments & truly loved his family & we knew it.  Everyone who ever met him always felt welcomed.  

  So, I just haven't made any posts because it's been hard but I did want yall to know what's going on with me. I didn't disappear.  I do have a show this Saturday night 3/26 @ Hangar Pub in SATX from 9-12.  It feels almost tacky to post but your girl needs to eat.  So bring a friend & come sit with me a bit.

  On a final note- hug everyone. Hug your loved ones, family,  friends,  & random ones even. Live every day, & I mean truly live, because time is not guaranteed.  There may not be a tomorrow.  Tell people you love them,  celebrate small things & be kind to everyone.  I learned this from the greatest man ever. 

  Sending yall all the love in the world

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster ❤


New things 😊 

  Hello, my sweets!

  I hope everyone is doing alright in their little bit of the world.  I was concerned for a while I was going to have a bit of trouble getting back into a groove with things after the holidays,  & man I just need to learn to be a bit more   As you may (or may not) know, I also run my own small jewelry business to supplement my income.  I started doing small markets around town,  meeting wonderful people, but was worried as all the music festivals I've applied for I still haven't heard from.  Although, I still haven't heard (processing applications takes a while) I did manage to strike up a conversation with a local booking agency- H&H booking-  & we discussed things we'd both like to do & we're on the same page - I'M  SO EXCITED!!!

  But first thing first!! My 1st show of the year I'm actually playing at Victoria's Black Swan Inn in San Antonio for 1st Friday in March. They have a bi-weekly market (1st & 3rd weekens) & the Fridays are an evening market.  I also wanted to help create a fun ambiance for other artisans, 'cause why not? Why not help each other out? I can't wait!

  Also!!! March 18th & 19th, I have the wonderful good fortune of participating in the Folk Shit Up Festival in Dripping Springs, TX. Go to for tickets.  This is gonna be a blast with all types of acoustic performers ranging from country, folk punk, alternative acoustic & trashy blue grass. Over 50 bands are playing over 2 days- I'll get a flyer up soon. 

  Again, I hope everyone is well. & if things don't seem to be working out the way you want- they will get there.  You just have to be a bit more patient (& im really the worst about it 😆)

I miss y'all terribly & hope to see you soon. Mad love  to you guys ❤️ 

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster 


Coming along  

Hello, my sweets!

  I didn't realize it's been so long since I last posted!  I hope yall have been doing wonderfully the past few weeks. I've been trying to stay busy, looking into more festivals & still waiting to hear from others... I HATE WAITING 😣

  But!! I have managed to get in touch with a local booking agency to help me out with some smaller gigs, because honestly,  I need a small team close to home to help me out. It's a LOT of hard work (especiallyas a soloist) . As soon as its all confirmed I'll list them here as part of my contacts as well. So here's to hoping!!  It'll also give me more time to focus on practicing more, not that I haven't,  I just need to do more. I don't wanna sound bad in front of yall!! Lol

  Anyway,  I really do hope yall are doing well, & as soon as I find out for sure all the deets, I will let you know & start adding to the calendar here. 

Mad Love to all you guys- & I can't wait to see you ❤ 

Love your Favorite Feisty Folkster-

- Carrie 

New Year- New ideas- New Approach  

Hello, my sweets! 

  I hope everyone had a wonderful beginning to the new year. I was fortunate enough to see my immediate family, wanted to see everyone but hopefully next time. ❤

  So, I've been working on different ways to get back out to everyone.  I've applied to loads of festivals across the nation & unfortunately it's kind of a waiting game at this point to see if I've been accepted.  It's been tricky though, with shut downs again because of the current climate.  Also waiting to hear from smaller venues to see if they could use a feisty folkster for their evening, I mean they should, right?  Who doesn't need one?😆 

  I'm also working with a local venue in putting together music for a 1st Friday art/music thing because , why not? Someone suggested it to me & I thought, "Heck Yeah!".  I'm trying to create an opportunity, not only for myself, but other acoustic acts who may otherwise not be heard. I want to share the love with everyone, keeping people in good spirits with a common passion all people enjoy.  It probably won't start till March because it is all outside & I don't want folks to freeze. 

  All in all, I'm having to find & create new opportunities for myself by any means possible.  I'm still doing my small business Wide Eyed Siren Jewelry, coming up with possible jewelry merch for the music, we'll see. One thing at a time.   

  I hope you all are doing as best you can. I miss you terribly & cannot wait to see your faces-

Mad love ❤ 


Happy New Year! 

  Hello, my sweets! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. It's hard to believe 2022 is here already.  Loads has happened this past year, some great things & some not so great.   

 Got to finish recording,  had an awesome CD release party & some gigs & a festival- & that was all great!!   Had a few wrenches thrown into my grand master plans, & ultimately had to reopen my small jewelry business (Wide Eyed Siren Jewelry) again. I reflect on it though, & really, this was my end goal working wise-All the music & making some pretty things. So though I may not have planned on it yet, it might be a bit of good fortune in disguise. 😊

Again, I hope you had/ & have a safe and wonderful holiday.  Let's welcome in the New Year with all the positivity & love that we all need. Stay safe,  my sweets, I wanna see ya at the next show.

Mad love to all of you ❤ 

-your Favorite Feisty Folkster 


Loads of work 

Hello, my sweets! 

  I hope yall have been doing alright.  I've been looking ahead for the next year in planning as much as I'm able to. I've been applying to as many festivals as I can find. Some of the larger festivals have talent buyers so, hopefully they find me?  Lol.

  Anyway,  I know its holiday season but there's so much planning for the new year already & it's taking loads of work & concentration to stay on top of it. It looks like there are more things going on this year which is encouraging & I cannot wait. 😊

  Again,  I hope yall are doing well, I miss your faces terribly❤

All the love from-

Your Favorite Feisty Folkster 

- Carrie ❤

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